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The Future of professional Floor cleaning

Service-Hotline: +41 71 955 47 47  |  Service inquiry

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The Future of professional Floor cleaning

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S170 Navi

Dry vacuum robot
Fleet ManagementDocking Station

The world’s first dry vacuuming robot with fleet management specially developed for professional floor cleaning.

Stronger together

A unique vacuum cleaning robot concept specially developed for professional use on hard floors and short pile carpets up to 300m2/per unit.

The S170 Navi revolutionizes professional floor cleaning in large office buildings (banks, insurance companies, software companies, governments, …), the hotel industry, care facilities, cruise ships, and many more.

Specially built for use on single small to medium-sized surfaces and thanks to the docking station with replaceable dust bags, even for long periods of time without human intervention. The S170 Navi cleans on-demand or on schedule, 24/7, completely autonomously. 

Fleetmanaged professional cleaning robot cleanfix s170 navi
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Intelligent docking station

Enhanced autonomy thanks to an intelligent charging and suction station.

Every Cleanfix S170 Navi dry vacuum cleaning robot comes with an intelligent docking station as standard. This docking station automatically charges the robot’s batteries and empties its dust tank. The dust and dirt collected during the extraction process gets safely stored in an easily replaceable dust bag.

Using this docking station (service station), we can minimize the need for manual intervention by your cleaning staff, resulting in reduced time and effort required for daily/weekly maintenance.

fieldbots os fleet management system multi device use

Fleet Management
by FieldBots

The seamless FieldBots integration allows fleets of several hundred robots to be centrally managed in one tool. The exclusive distribution through our professional cleaning machine dealer network guarantees the best customer service, installation, training, and support as well as access to consumables and spare parts.

Technical data


Surface per charge


Navigation (no camera)

4.0 h

Battery running time

3.4 l

Exchangeable dust bags

Working width
(without side brush)
170 mm
Working width
(with side brush)
275 mm
Dust tank
0.3 l
Dust Collector
3.4 l
Surface (1 charge)up to 320 m2
Recommended use20-300 m2
Cleaning patternsystematically
Battery capacity5‘200 mAh
Battery lifeup to 250 min
charging time
5.5-6 h
Battery typeLithium-ion
Climbing ability≤ 20 mm
Dimensions robot
(L x W x H)
350 x 350 x 98 mm
Docking station
(L x W x H)
202 x 282 x 361 mm
Mains voltage110-240 VAC
Mains frequency50/60 Hz
Dust filterHEPA
SensorsBumper, Ultrasonic, LiDAR

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does the S170 Navi require an Internet connection to operate?

The S170 Navi is self-sufficient and does not require an internet connection for basic operation. Its onboard memory stores the current map at all times. However, for remote control via the FieldBots app or map editing, an active internet connection is necessary.

We recommend ensuring comprehensive internet connectivity. If necessary, it is also sufficient to have internet (WLAN) only at the docking station. However, it is not possible to track the location live in the app and manage the device remotely at any time (start, stop, return to docking).

What is the suction power of the S170 Navi?

The S170 Navi functions primarily as a “brush vacuum cleaner”, employing its roller brush for primary cleaning while the suction motor efficiently vacuums up collected dirt and dust, securely depositing it into the dust tank.

It offers adjustable suction power across three levels:

  • Low: 800 Pa
  • Medium: 1500 Pa
  • High: 2700 Pa

Note: It is crucial to maintain cleanliness in the dust container’s filter unit. Clogging of either the coarse dirt filter or the HEPA filter significantly diminishes cleaning performance.